In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience we ask our patrons to observe the following:
  • Bringing food onto property requires purchase of "Food Permit" upon entrance. Cost is $6.00. Learn more here.
  • If you have day-time running lights in use on your car or truck, please do not start your vehicle during a feature. We understand you might need to get warm or turn on your defrosters. In "most" cases all you have to do is - turn off your vehicle, then set your parking brake, and then start your vehicle as normal. This should defeat your headlights from coming on while parked.
  • Always dim your lights before entering the lot.
  • Please keep your foot off the brake pedal when parked. Those brake lights can be bright.
  • Do what you can to control your interior lighting during the features. A small flash light can come in real handy for those quick interior expeditions.
  • Radios should be tuned to the drive-in radio station prior to the start of the first feature until the end of the last feature. This way everyone hears the announcements and enjoys the movies without distractions.
  • Chairs and blankets should be placed directly in front of your vehicle and not blocking the area between your vehicle and your neighbors.
  • Drive Slowly and Carefully keeping a extra watchful eye out for children.
  • Remind the kids not to run between cars or in the aisles. Tell them if they get lost to go to the concession stand and ask only a clerk for assistance. We will then page the parent / guardian. We're happy to help.
  • Please don't litter. Someone could trip or slip on what was dropped. You will find plenty of trash receptacles around the concession stand.
  • Sorry, grills of any type are not permitted on the property.
  • Do not bring fireworks, sparklers, etc to a drive-in. Aside from being illegal in some places these things can ignite leaking gas or ruin someone's new paint job.
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs. Neither contribute to a family atmosphere.
  • Pets are allowed at the drive-in but they must be on a leash at all times, customers are responsible for "picking up" after their pets. Patrons will be asked to leave without a refund if pet becomes aggressive, loud, or distractive to other patrons. Pets are not permitted in or around the concession stand.
  • No refunds
  • No rainchecks

Thank you for your understanding!

Outside Food Policy
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Important - Please Arrive Early On Fri & Sat Nites- Avoid The Line!

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